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Anthurium Red Mini Plant

Water Once A Week

Needs Bright Indirect Sunlight

Toxic To Pets

Needs Gardening Experience

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The “flowers” of the Anthurium are some of the longest-lasting on earth, which means that dazzling color will last in your home for months. The Anthurium symbolizes hospitality with its open heart-shaped flower and inspires happiness and abundance.

Part of the Araceae family, Anthurium Mini Red is a perennial plant that offers striking colors with its deep and bright foliage. The leaves are deep green and deep red with light yellow/white flower spikes. Anthuriums get their name from ‘anthos’ & ‘oura’ which in Greek means ‘tail flower’. Anthurium Mini Red is native to South America, the Caribbean, and Central America region. In their natural habitat, Anthuriums grow as epiphytes using forest trees as their support. And hence, Anthuriums love humidity.

It has heart-shaped leaves which green and waxy. Anthurium Mini Red plant’s flowers are in fact the spikes and the red heart-shaped ones are its modified leaves. Anthuriums are usually categorized as intermediate-level care plants and hence would need a little attention & care. With the right understanding of Anthurium’s care, they would be one of the prettiest additions to your home.


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