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  • Needs bright indirect light
  • Grows in bright indoors, Shaded outdoors
  • Low maintenance
  • Pet friendly

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The Calathea Burle Marx is a beautiful houseplant that features long oval shaped leaves with stunning V-shaped stripes. The alternating light and dark green colors make it a very popular plant because it will instantly catch your attention. That plant itself is fairly low growing which is also one reason why it is well-suited for indoor care.

It grows up to between 12 to 20 inches high and extend to about 16 inches from side to side as its foliage will fan out as the plant gets fuller. The Calathea Burle Marx is quite versatile when it comes to lighting. It is able to do well in low light, fluorescent light, grow lights all the way to bright, indirect light. Ideal temperature for the plant is between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. While it is fairly easy to accommodate your Calathea Burle Marx with regards to light and temperature, humidity is a bit trickier.

Moisture is where the plant can get fussy. And, this makes it a bit challenging to care for. Its ideal humidity level is between around 50% to 60%. Soil is likewise related to watering. It can help or hinder your depending on whether you use the right kind of soil for the plant.


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