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Money Plant N’Joy

  • Known As N Joy Pothos
  • Air Purifying Plant
  • Easy Plant To Grow
  • Pet Friendly

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N’Joy Pothos is a delightful pothos cultivar known for the white and green variegation on its leaves. It is “characterized by very compact growth, bright, distinctive green and white variegation.”

Pothos plants are generally considered tolerant of low light conditions. Labeled almost impossible to kill, they are known to grow in most conditions, except direct sunlight. However, if you want to maintain the stunning variegation of the N’Joy Pothos, low light won’t be enough.

N’Joy is one of the Pothos cultivars with the highest levels of variegation. The large patches of cream and white are the result of a genetic mutation where the cells are unable to synthesize chlorophyl – the part of the cells that keep the leaves green.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-grow houseplant with a bit more flair than the common stock, N’Joy should be your go-to. These compact plants make the perfect plant for smaller spaces, like in the bathroom or on top of your refrigerator. They are no longer difficult to find or much pricier than other cultivars, making them the perfect first choice for collectors.


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