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Peace Lily Plant

  • Flowering tropical plant
  • Toxic to pets and people on consumption
  • Low care plant
  • Grows well in bright indirect sunlight

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The peace lily is a flowering tropical plant from the Spathiphyllum genus. Outside of its hardiness zones, many people grow the peace lily indoors. There are many types of peace lilies within the genus. But in general, peace lilies have large, glossy, oval leaves. They typically bloom in the spring, though that can vary when growing them as houseplants. A healthy peace lily might bloom twice a year, resulting in several months of flowers.

When grown in the garden in the tropical and subtropical climates where they are hardy, peace lilies are normally planted in the spring while it is still cool. When you care for a peace lily indoors, they can be purchased and brought into the home at any time of year, though you will want to protect them from cold temperatures as you transport them. They are moderate growers and will reach maturity in around three years. Note that peace lilies are toxic to pets and people, so be mindful about where you place a peace lily in your house.

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