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Peperomia Green Plant

  • Funky Bean-Shaped Foliage
  • Light Preference/Tolerated (Bright Indirect Light, Medium Light)
  • Average Watering Needs
  • Mature Height 12 Inches
  • Pet Safe

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The Peperomia Green is a great houseplant. It is low maintenance, looks beautiful and purifies air. An ornamental plant with succulent like fleshy, thick green leaves that adapts and grows very well in a variety of conditions. If cared for, this one will be by your side for the long run. Add a pop of green to your home by taking home this beauty.

The Peperomia family is pet-friendly! Peperomia are non-toxic, making them safe to keep around your furry friends. However, the best practice is always to keep new houseplants out of reach of small children and curious pets just in case. Peperomia are generally easy houseplants to grow. They are resistant to most plant pests


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